An electric atmosphere possessed the hallways of Factory Görlitzer. Twisting, turning, holding on, stamping, striving, thinking, hacking. Brick walls, yellow glows and some more paper scrunching. From the ball pit comes a shout and a laugh. Status’s obnoxious huge stickers, a forest line of club mate bottles, the clueless community manager attempting to perform business development on a tired hacker, the revolving rounds of the main hall, the race towards submission. 11am. 6pm. Before we knew it, we were standing outside the venue hailing a ride, waving good bye.

Unlike anything else, it was a celebration of the web3 movement, our mission, our community, what we have with each other. A joyous come together. A practice of the open source. A vision for the future. Fuel for our warpath.

We will see each other and everyone somewhere else around the world. At another time, another conference, another hackathon but we will forever remember ETHBerlin as a ground zero for our web3 revolution.

For everyone that I met, hung out with, hissed ‘consensys’ to, all the mates I drank mate with, it was a pleasure to have been with you. We are on the brink of a cryptographic revolution and I could not imagine choosing any other community to move forward with.


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