Articmine keeping his hands warm

More recently, I have been trying to learn more about the 2010/2011 cryptoscene and have been trying to document as much as I can while doing so. Had a chat with Articmine, a member of Monero’s core team who handles transactions fees and other economical aspects of scaling.

He studied mathematics and physics – is in the domain names game – and had gotten involved into crypto 2010/11. He had his first bitcoin talk post early 2011 and ever since, been around the scene. He followed Monero since its inception and officially joined the core team in 2016.

We talk about how he got involved with Monero (he had gotten involved with Monero not out of its privacy but rather out of the fact that he believes that its transaction fees could scale. Back in 2013, he had been primarily researching the issue of scaling (just like what we have today) and stumbled across Monero. I personally found that extremely fascinating.


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