Hello, I am Pet3rpan, a product manager based in Sydney, Australia.

My open source contributions involve projects such as Cryptoeconomics.study, Aragon Monthly, Localethereum, EIP0, Mastering Ethereum and Mastering Monero.

Before being sucked down the rabbit of crypto, I was a product design lead for venture backed startups. In my spare time, I used to build online communities and businesses. Now, I write whenever I can.

Twitter (@pet3rpan_)

Github (@pet3r-pan)

Email (peterdennispan@gmail.com)

Other items of interest

a tor node that i regularly water and keep healthy


ETH: 0x1307845B4C66DC47056C6C049CAcAc5D737C444D

BTC: 1GS5eock6xFMfgVzSsSFfCvcZ6DZ3T8fhx

Gaming – lets chat and catchup over a session (digital equivalent of doing a walking meeting)

hmu if you wanna chat or talk crypto over a session of whatever our poison of choice is

  • LoL – Lvl. 10 Ahri main (currently playing)
  • Poker – Play mainly in 6 table max SNGs (currently playing)
  • Cs:Go – Formerly ranked LEM, solo CT site rifler
  • Awesomenauts – Raelynn/CoCo main, former league 1 ranked player (Top 250)
  • Dungeons & Dragons Online – Lvl. 8 Sorcerer
  • Warcraft 3 – Played league of legends when it was just a map
  • World of warcraft – Noob / casual
  • C&C: Red Alert 2 – First game ever played in my life

Books: https://emerald.ws/books/